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SaaS product

ready-to-use and no maintainance fee

  Ready-to-use now, no deployment needed

  Best for small, medium enterprise

  Unlimited Mailbox Storage

  Start at 10 Users

  Included Enterprise Drive, Personal Drive, Calendar, Meeting Booking, Address Book, Instant Messenger

Free Trial 30 Days


On-Premises Product

Data soverignty and best enterprise management platform

  Deploy on your own secure server, data soverignty

  Best for owning a physical/cloud server

  Unlimited Mailbox Storage

  Start at 100 Users

  Included Enterprise Drive, Personal Drive, Calendar, Meeting Booking, Address Book, Instant Messenger

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Professional Delivery System for billing, subscription and etc.

  Scenarios could be: financial statements, subscription registration, questionnaire survey and etc needs to have 

  Four different methods: API, SMTP, EML, Management Interface

  User-friendly interface

  Maximize could sent 100,000 - 200,000 mails daily

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Mail sending and receiving

  Coremail mailbox users can log in with one click

  Provide exclusive Coremail mail transmission private protocol, support multiple encrypted transmission


Email Alert

  The client mailbox settings are consistent with Webmail

  Support e-mail reminder customization, you can set to receive only push messages from a certain folder, avoiding mass e-mail reminders to disturb





Receiving Multi Mailboxs


  Receiving multiple mailboxes, you can switch the mail receiving account on the writing page, and realize the receiving and managing multiple mailboxes in one application

  Support POP3/IMAP two protocols for Receiving and Sending



Private chat


  Can communicate with colleagues any time, without adding friends, communication is more smooth

  Supports sending and receiving of pictures, videos, files, voice message and voice calls

  You can start a discussion with a colleague and provide a quick entry point for creating a discussion

  Send a receipt message, the message has been read and unread at a glance




Discussion Group


  Gather people related to topics or matters, create discussions, and solve problems quickly

Schdule a meeting within a discussion, automatically invite group members to participate, and will sent email reminder automatically.

Long press the message to add a summary, important messages will not be swiped away, and the summary can be sent by mail





Group Notice

  Department important notifications are broadcast to all staff, and the visibility of messages can be set, to reduce the interruption of irrelevant messages.

  The administrator broadcast message is visible to all members, and the administrator's internal communication subscribers cannot view it

  In the detail section, you can view all the attachments in the broadcast, which is convenient for filtering and downloading



Set up a meeting or a schedule


  Multi-terminal synchronization of the schedule, and can be synchronized to the local, so that your work arrangements are organized

  The schedule could be shared with colleagues, make the work more efficient and collaborative

  Schedule reminder time custom, flexible setting reminder time.

  The meeting schedule can be quickly created during the discussion and displayed in the meeting members’ calendars simultaneously



Enterprise Drive

  The internal data/file of the company can be saved to the enterprise drive, and employees can view it at any time. It is also a simple way to reduce the training cost

  Administrators can set who could upload, download and other permissions in Webmail to ensure corporate file security

  Files in the drive can be forwarded to conversations, created discussions, and sent as email attachments, making collaboration more convenient and faster



Corporate Address Book

  The organizational structure of the enterprise is clearly displayed, It is easy to search for colleague information

  Easy communication. You can quickly make calls, initiate private chats, create discussions, view joint discussions. Easy communication.



Secure login & unlock

  Supports secondary verification, adopts two-factor password technology based on time synchronization, and has security technology that automatically updates dynamic passwords every 60 seconds. Static password + dynamic password secondary verification is more secure

  Support the setting of fingerprint, graphic password lock, face recognition and unlocking to ensure the data security of the device



Mail sending and receiving

  Support setting security watermark, the user's personal account information watermark will be displayed in the interface of the message body, email, corporate address book, etc.

  Support prohibit screenshots, prevent corporate members from taking screenshots and revealing important information


Sensitive Word Filtering

  Set up email & message sensitive word filtering, prompt or prohibit sending of sensitive words appearing in emails and chats

  Enterprises can customize the sensitive word database to meet the different restrictions of each enterprise.





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